What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful therapy that is totally different to any other form of therapy or coaching because it works directly with the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that thinks, feels and reacts automatically without us even having to think about it. It literally controls everything we do in life! So if your subconscious programming is good and your neural pathways are healthy (another term for wires in your brain) then that’s great because you will be performing at your best and be on top form. But if it isn’t this is really bad news, as you will be operating well below par, always be struggling with inner conflict and stress and not achieve your goals easily, if at all. Unfortunately, it is rare for anyone to go through life without faulty programming creeping in and affecting their belief system and subconscious mind, which is why Hypnotherapy is an essential part of our ‘Richer Life Programme’.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy allows us to identify and overcome barriers to personal and business growth and success much faster and more efficiently than most other therapies. Think of your mind as a computer, by reprogramming your subconscious mind you can be free from those limiting beliefs and maximise your performance, wellbeing and success so you can achieve your goals easily.


Most people don’t realise that when hypnosis is used on its own, it does nothing more than provide temporary relief from stress. It is the actual ‘therapy’ that is carried out whilst the client is in the hypnotised state – known as ‘Hypnotherapy’ that is the important part. At Claire Rich we consider Hypnotherapy to be the crème de la crème of therapies, and if you are smart you use it because it will really give you the edge in all areas of your life.

Goal Setting with Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

Hypnotherapy can help with most mind-related matters where psychological and often also physiological factors are involved (after and in conjunction with conventional Medical Consultation). At Claire Rich we believe that Hypnotherapy is the best way to fast track your personal development and maximise your performance, wellbeing and success.

The following are just some of the areas we can work on when setting goals for your ‘Richer Life Programme’ Personal Development Plan:

  • Personal Matters
  • Psychological Problems
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Habit Control
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Sporting Improvement
  • Weight Control
  • Relationship Problems

Who Can Benefit from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help both children and adults, although the type of therapy used will vary for each group, and each individual, provided the Hypnotherapist is highly skilled and experienced in their work. The only exceptions are: people who are educationally sub-normal or suffering from senility, very young children (under 7 years old), hard drug-addicts, and anybody under the influence of large amounts of alcohol.

Why High Achievers Use Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

High Achievers enjoy the Hypnotherapy and Personal Development work they do as part of their Personal Development Plan on our ‘Richer Life Programme’. Because they understand that all the answers are in their own mind and that the Expert Hypnotherapist they choose to work with is simply a guide who is helping them get from where they are to where they want to be in the most efficient way possible. They know they are always totally alert, aware and in control at all times, and that the most committed and motivated High Achievers get the best results.


As I keep saying, High Achievers are more prone to stress than most because they are constantly setting themselves new, even more challenging goals which naturally keep taking them outside of their comfort zone, pushing them to do more, be more and achieve more. High Achievers enjoy the benefits that hypnosis has on their health and wellbeing. They also recognise that Hypnotherapy plays an essential part in creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body and business which is the key to their success. The fact that it is also a totally safe and natural, drug-free therapy which can produce fast and effective results makes it a no-brainer for them!

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

In addition, to achieving the unique goals you set at the start of your ‘Richer Life Programme’, many of our High Achieving Clients find that they experience some very pleasant side effects after their sessions.

  • They feel calmer, more relaxed, positive and confident.
  • They are more focused and motivated.
  • They get a good night’s sleep.
  • They have an overall feeling of well-being that lasts for a good while afterwards.

Why High Achievers Dispel the Myths about Hypnosis

There are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy which are completely undeserved because what happens is actually very normal. The fact is, hypnosis is a safe and reliable therapeutic technique which is centuries old.

High Achievers are smart and recognise that lack of knowledge feeds the inborn trait in most humans to fear, ridicule or turn their noses up at that which they don’t understand. Indeed every science in the world has had to travel the same hard road from disbelief through to fear, to common acceptance and Hypnotherapy is no exception. In fact, science is way behind in recognising what amazing results Hypnotherapists are achieving with their clients on a daily basis. So there is still much work to be done to get it out there and recognised for the truly powerful therapy it is. High Achievers aren’t afraid to research, ask questions, take risks and try new things which aren’t necessarily all the rage yet and widely accepted in the world, so they benefit as a result and lead by example.

The High Achieving Wright Brothers

You may or may not remember that many people laughed at The Wright Brothers and some even thought that if God had intended man to fly, he would have given him wings! Yet now we all accept aeroplanes as a normal part of our everyday life and don’t think twice about getting on an aeroplane to travel to another country for business or a holiday. How different the world would be now without these two High Achievers who had the vision, belief and determination to fulfil their mission against all the odds.


It is not therefore surprising that hypnosis is still considered an occult science by many, and that it should take so long to gain recognition and wide scale acceptance. Since day one, its secrets have been closely guarded from the average person. At Claire Rich we are privileged to work with High Achievers who we consider to be the bravehearts of this world, just like The Wright Brothers because they are the true Leaders who help us with our mission to redefine the way businesses operate from the top down, to combat stress and promote health, wellbeing and success.

Can Everybody be Hypnotised?

Most people can be hypnotised providing they want to be hypnotised – all hypnosis is, in fact, self-hypnosis. The Hypnotherapist only guides you into the hypnotic state, usually with their voice and has no power or control over you. It doesn’t matter if you struggle to relax and unwind, you will go into hypnosis whether you are tense, stressed or relaxed provided you want to be hypnotised.

What Does it Feel Like to be Hypnotised?

Contrary to popular belief, there really is no such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’ – which is why afterwards, most people insist that they simply did not ‘go under’, and can’t possibly have been hypnotised. Generally, people do find that they are far more alert and aware than usual and some start to become more relaxed as their conscious mind starts to drift off in a pleasant sort of way. After a few sessions, people start to become aware of how the hypnotic state feels to them. Some people may notice that they feel excessively heavy or light, whilst others may experience a pleasant floating, whirling and/or spinning sensation. Most people always suffer some sort of time distortion, usually feeling that the session was much shorter or longer than it actually was. The fact is that hypnosis is actually a very safe and natural process and not that exciting!

The Benefits of Practising Self-Hypnosis

The majority of our clients continue to practise self-hypnosis on a daily basis long after they have completed their ‘Richer Life Programme’ with us because they recognise and enjoy the positive benefits it has on their mind, body and business. It is an excellent skill to learn, as it can really help to manage stress levels, improve quality of sleep, increase self-confidence, motivation and energy. Please contact us if you would like to be taught this valuable skill or would like to book a Personalised Hypnotherapy CD Session.

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